Study notes and resources for MPO Canopus and PhotoRed Original 11/10/2006 Rev. 12/01/2006

The following are some tips sheets and outlines developed during an initial learning curve phase using Brian D. Warner's MPO Canopus and PhotoRed image measurement and reduction software. The tip sheets focus on the basic "rigorous" reduction method and plotting a lightcurve. Tips for Binzel or QuickMags reductions are not included. This is amateur work product by a beginner level student of photometry. (Unless otherwise indicated, all file downloads are less than 500kb in size.)

Study notes



Warner, Brian D. 2006 (2ed). A Practical Guide to Lightcurve Photometry and Analysis. Springer.


None of the materials on this website are endorsed by Dr. Warner. Screenshot images of MPO Canopus and PhotoRed used in the tips sheets are used with the permission of Dr. Warner but are subject to copyright of Brian D. Warner, BDW Publishing, Inc.

As to original materials generated by this author, that content is released to the public domain and no copyright is asserted.

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