College writings - K. Fisher Rev. 5/1/2013


2014-03 An Age for Hell Q from Small Diameter Craters, 45 LPSC, Abs. 1421

2013-05 Kolmogrov Smirnov test of spatial distribution of random points

2013-05 Linear regression analysis of college costs

2012-04 Reduction of employer contributions to Utah's unemployment insurance trust fund

2012-01 New developments in counting very small craters, Selenology Today, 26:1-24

2011-09 Louis Armstrong's self-made man response to the Jim Crow era.

2011-04 Are TSA sexual pat down searches good for democracy?

2011-04 Proposal for small investor fraud module for Utah Higher System of Education American Institutions required courses

2010-12 Governmental risk management implications of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) in the Ute football program

2010-12 The Ptolemy-Copernican debate - trigonometric equivalence of Earth and Sun centered orbits (Slide presentation)

Revised 4-2015