On the Road to Price, Utah No. 1 - Green River Formation

May nn, 2010

Horizontal deposition Green River Formation Horizontal deposition Green River Formation

Photographer: Kurt Allen Fisher

Summary Author: Kurt Allen Fisher

The top photograph shows a road cut near mile marker 195 on Utah-6, the Spanish Fork to Price, Utah highway, that exposes the Green River Formation. The Green River Formation is marked by interbedding of weak oil shale, light limestome and tan sandstone. This interbedding was created during the transition between the shallow delta of the Eocene Green River (56 to 34 million years ago) and the subsequent formation of the Eocene Lake Unitah. The 200 meter high bluff shown in the bottom image, located about one-half mile east of the top photograph, shows the interbedded Green River Formation at its base overlain with subsequent deposits made when this location was flooded by Lake Unitah.