Statute in mediation pose by Eric Pouhier

Taking a meditation break with the dial

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The dial can be used by downtown office workers for brief mediation breaks in aid of clearing the mind of stress accumulated during the workday and improving mental health. Some favorable times are when the Sun sweeps across the east pier (Posts 6 and 7) in the afternoon and west pier (Posts 1 and 2) in the morning.

Use the base or post of the central gnomon as a mediation focal point. The sweep of the light gnomon provides a method to reconnect to a natural pace of time.

Other favorable meditation times include:

Use the Handy Table No. 5 to determine the standard (watch) times on a particular day when the noon mark (Post 4) will occur or when the light gnomon will sweep across the morning west pier (Posts 1 and 2) or the afternoon east pier (Posts 6 and 7).

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